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24 May 2017 @ 06:42 pm
We have so many cheki for sale - around 200 from 1€ to 8€
merch, clothes and CDs
Please take a look ^-^

if you are interested, comment or send a mail! :3 Don't be hestiate ^-^

shipping is from Germany to world wide
Please come and Visit my individual post , thanks


Visit my LJ for Inoran : http://haya-astro.livejournal.com/13536.html
Live pamphlet : http://haya-astro.livejournal.com/12578.html


Visit my LJ for Matenrou Opera : http://haya-astro.livejournal.com/12538.html


visit my LJ for details : http://haya-astro.livejournal.com/13271.html
07 May 2017 @ 04:28 pm
Not sure if this is allowed or not on LJ, let me know if not. BUT I have a few Dir En grey things for sale:

2013 Tabula Rasa Japan Tour bag 8£
Kyo For The Human Race photo book 60£
Rockin' On Japan 2012 December issue with Dir en grey interview and pics 7£
1 Ongaku to Hito 2013 magazine featuring the whole band 10 £
2 Ongaku to Hito mags featuring Kyo only (2011 and 2012 issues) 10£ each

I have dvd's, albums, singles and other mags as well.

Send me a message if you're interested! :)
30 April 2017 @ 06:03 pm
Hello My friend  (kazumi_ren) is selling to everywhere in the world some goods of VK, including CD, DVD, magazine and clothes~
for the interesting people
see vk  items here:
if you have any question/doubt feel free to ask him!! (^w^)/
07 April 2017 @ 06:23 pm
I'm selling this black moral gazette t-shirt, Wack Groan of Diplosomia (black), one size , shipping from Japan.

»» T-shirt & More details here ! ««
So I'm moving overseas on May 23rd and have found a box of all my old Jrock mags from way back. I need funds and these should be appreciated and not just collecting dust, so I'm selling everything! The reality is I had these so long ago I don't remember half of these bands, so I apologise if I get names or something wrong, or just don't know!

Note: Image is missing some!

PRICES: Some are free (+ postage), hurray! All prices are a base starting rate but I can negotiate if you're keen as a bean but are in a financially sucky place. I'm happy to ship to anywhere in the world provided you cover the cost (it's generally around AU$13-20 depending on how many you get), and can do group orders (especially for the Arena37 Special Gazette ones, or PSC ones). I've based my prices off what they're going for on eBay, and made them considerably cheaper because as I said, they really need to go ASAP! D:

PHOTOS: I haven't used livejournal in so long I don't know the current courtesy, but I've uploaded images externally and provided links so as not to choke up the post. If you want any more photos of something, just ask me! :) Also I am SO sorry for the bad quality of some of them. Low light is not a friend to my terrible phone camera...

PLEASE NOTE: I have used some of these posters, but not all. Most posters that have been used will have tape at the corners on the side I didn't use to prevent oil from the blu-tac leaking through and damaging the poster. I moved house a couple of times so some may be damaged, but I have indicated all damage/use and supplied photos. Discounts apply to anything that has damage.

( Magazine, DVD and poster list here! )
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If you're interested or have some question, send me an e-mail: martarojas97@hotmail.com
Shipping from Spain.
Paypal only.



Posters, flyers and magazine:


23 March 2017 @ 01:33 pm

I'd like to order one of Dir en grey's new DVD from Galaxy broad shop, but they are Aknot only (right now atleast) and I am not a member as it's alot of hastle for someone who doesn't  have a japanese address. I'm looking for someone who is a member of Aknot to either A. Order the DVD for me (Galaxy broad shop ship overseas and I will send you the money via paypal) or let me use their Aknot membership number to order it myself from Galaxy broad shop

if anyone could help, please let me know
they're avaliable on J-D too but, as usual they've added atleast another 3000 yen onto the original price ==; 
15 March 2017 @ 10:48 am
Hey there. I am selling this shirt from their tour in 2016. It is size L, but fits S-L perfectly. 45€