Madame H (mme_h_confessor) wrote in jrockforsale,
Madame H

Buyers who've had trouble w seller gizaangkore

For those who posted to this jrockforsale thread, 
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(remove spaces in URL), and for other people's consideration, you might want to be aware that gizaangkore has posted anew to jmusic_sales.  Their sales post they link to, still has the desperate requests of buyers trying to find out where their purchases are, after they paid.  You can see, at the same time the seller's ignoring the buyers who already paid, he or she is answering new inquiries from new buyers.

I wonder if the moderator of jrockforsale would consider banning a seller with three people complaining they've had their money taken, then been ignored, by that seller?
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